GIT and GitLab Training

-56Days -13Hours -44Minutes -17Seconds

We are organizing Git And GitLab Training training in collaboration with Robotics Club , Paschimanchal Campus. The training will be 2 days commencing from Magh-10, at 2-4pm everyday. The fee is nominal, just Rs. 30/- .

Git is a very much essential tool for software developers and we view it as very important for collaboration on development and has been put forward focusing on the needs of the volunteers/members of our club.


Innovative Computer Engineering Students' Society - i-CES

Innovative Computer Engineering Students' Society (i-CES) is established with the strong motive to educate, promote, explore ,research and compete in the field of Computer Engineering. It has been providing platform to students who show keen interest in Computer programming and related projects.It also conducts seminars, presentations, documentaries shows and Competitions timely with aim to enhance the engineering skill of technical students in more practical way.When its about National and Local level Programming competitions,Innovative Computer Engineer's Society (i-CES) is one of the best representative of Western Region Campus.